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 SOUND SYSTEM - Conestogo Banquet Hall

 AUDIO RECORDING - Conestoga College

 RHFC - Fundraising Dinner PA

 LIVE SOUND - Grand Bend Beach Stage

 LIVE SOUND -Leisa Way and the Wayward Wind Band



Fanshawe College Music Industry Arts (MIA) Program Grad 

Recording Studio Audio Engineer: Waxworks Recording, St. Jacobs, 19 YRS

}} Audio Production: set up and operation of all recording equipment; digital and analog multitrack, session direction for radio, television and corporate video soundtracks; studio upkeep; general maintenance and troubleshooting of all audio equipment. Rewired complete studio during company relocation and subsequent equipment upgrades.

}} Video Production: soundtrack production, video shooting assistance; location audio recording, teleprompter operation.

}} Administration: talent casting and scheduling; union and non-union fee negotiations; maintenance of talent database, client liaison.

Asst. Broadcast Engineer for Rogers Radio Group, 10 YRS:
96.7 ChymFM, CityNews570 + Country 106

}} On-site technical support and on-call response for all the staff of a 3 station radio cluster of Rogers Radio-Kitchener over a 10 year period

SM Recording, 24 YRS

}} On and off-site sound support, indoor and outdoor sound for live events, consulting, recording, livestreaming, radio spots, narration recording and more (click for clients and past work)

Paul Seagrave

Grand Bend United Church Choir

We were impressed by Steve's professionalism, his willingness to work with us to obtain the best possible outcome, and were extremely pleased with the end result. We have had many a comment about the calibre of our CD which attests to Steve's work. 

Leisa Way

Musical Entertainer/Tribute Artist

"I am still in awe of what you did Wednesday night. Setting up good sound takes time. You had already done it outside, and then, had less than two hours to move it all and get it set up again in inside - with virtually no sound check. I thought the sound was pretty incredible ... I would work with you again in a heartbeat..."

Terry Smith

Calvary United Church, St. Jacobs

I just wanted to express my gratitude for all that you've done and have been doing for Calvary during this unique time.

The flawlessness of today's service just stuck with me this morning. It wasn't until the service was over when it dawned on me on how seamless it all was. That allowed the messages to be delivered with no distractions at all. It was simply incredible! You have done a fantastic job over a few short weeks. You cannot be thanked enough. The downside for you is that people really have no idea of the effort involved. They just expect the car to go when they turn the key on. A few of us know enough to be dangerous and, therefore, stay back and just admire.

Well done and God bless you!!

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