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Over the past 30 years, I've had the pleasure of doing freelance audio work with churches, threatres, funeral homes, music stores, and music groups in the local area. From complete audio system overhalls to recording live music and running sound for musicals, see below for a synopsis. 


Graham A. 
Giddy Funeral Home


West Montrose 

Theatrical audio operator, 3 seasons, multiple venues

Audio installation

Audio upgrade

Audio upgrade

Calvary United
St. Jacobs


2 camera installation

St. Matthews 

Complete audio system update, single camera installation (pending)

Waxworks Recording, St. Jacobs 
Recording Studio Audio Engineer

}} Audio Production: set up and operation of all recording equipment; digital and analog multitrack, session direction for radio, television and corporate video soundtracks; studio upkeep; general maintenance and troubleshooting of all audio equipment. Rewired complete studio during company relocation and subsequent equipment upgrades.

}} Video Production: soundtrack production, video shooting assistance; location audio recording, teleprompter operation.


}} Administration: talent casting and scheduling; union and non-union fee negotiations; maintenance of talent database, client liaison.


Choirs & 
Music Groups

Live concert sound engineer

On-site live audio recording and post-production

Rogers Radio Group: 96.7 ChymFM, CityNews570 + Country 106
Asst. Broadcast Engineer

}} On-site technical support and on-call response for all the staff of a 3 station radio cluster of Rogers Radio-Kitchener over a 10 year period


Sound Engineer, Owner 
SM Recording

}} On and off-site sound support, indoor and outdoor sound for live events, consulting, recording, livestreaming, radio spots, narration recording and more.

“The recording is very exciting as you've mastered it... I am quite pleased with it, especially considering that it is not a studio recording, but a live one where immediate retakes just can't  
happen. You have exceeded my expectations in how you've been able to minimize the distractions and aurally focus on the choir."

Wendell Glick
Mennonite Memorial Choir
Waterloo ON

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